Reducing crime and improving quality of life

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is based on the theory that the incidence of crime can be reduced through proper environmental design and effective building techniques. It uses a multi-disciplinary design approach to deter criminal behaviour and reduce the likelihood of criminal activity. This also reduces the fear associated with crime, resulting in an improvement in everyone’s quality of life.

CPTED is based around key principals that impact aspects of facility design such as construction, landscaping, walls and fencing. The aim is to create visually pleasing, high-quality solutions that enhance the legitimate use of space and avoid undesirable security or target hardening measures.

How it works – CPTED principles

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Natural surveillance

Keep intruders under observation by installing more lighting and windows, removing obstructions and/or increasing pedestrian flow through areas prone to criminal activity.

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Natural access control

Control access by using psychological barriers such as landscaping elements, entrances and exits, and signage.

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Territorial reinforcement

Based on the theory that people typically protect a territory they feel is their own and respect the domain of others – acts to discourage potential offenders and identify intruders.

CPTED assessments

Our experienced, certified experts can perform a CPTED assessment to identify security design issues during the planning stages of a new construction or retrofit of an existing facility.

Our clients are architects, builders and agency stakeholders who benefit from the CPTED methodology in a wide range of building and facility types to:

  • Limit criminal opportunities by identifying problem areas and implementing change
  • Reduce crime, raise the value and appeal of properties, and improve security and safety.
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CPTED for new buildings

RHEA’s CPTED experts take a multi-disciplinary approach to the deterrence of criminal behaviour through careful environmental design for new buildings.

By incorporating security enhancements in building design, you will benefit from the most proactive and economical approaches to facility security. The integration of CPTED principles in the planning stages can reduce construction costs and ongoing operating expenses.

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