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Our cyber-range services are delivered ‘as a service’ or on premise, and backed by CITEF, RHEA’s proprietary emulation platform used around the world.

CITEF is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use cyber-range applications.

Laptop and desktop monitor displaying RHEA Group's CITEF cyber-range training software

CITEF heritage

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First cyber-range delivered

RHEA designs a custom emulation for ACEA, an Italian energy provider. The emulation captured the impact of operational technology (OT) devices becoming compromised, providing real-world re-creation for training and learning purposes.

RHEA Group's cyber-range at Redu, Belgium


First European space cyber-range

RHEA established a cyber-range training facility at the European Space Agency (ESA) to train ESA operators. Today, the training centre provides cybersecurity training to several different clients in Europe.

Image: Cyber training facility at ESEC, Redu, Belgium.


The start of a journey

Based on market feedback, RHEA begins to commercially develop the CITEF technology to align and meet market needs. A dedicated team of developers and engineers begins to focus on building upon RHEA’s strong emulation capabilities.

RHEA Group cyber-range CITEF timeline 2


CITEF v1.0 is released

CITEF v1.0 is released, integrated with OpenNebula Infrastructure as a Service to support RHEA’s cyber-range services.


RHEA’s cyber-range chosen for ECHO

The European ECHO federation of cyber-range use cases is developed to show the benefits of a cyber-range in three different ways:

  • Cyber-skills education and training
  • Cybersecurity certification of new technologies
  • R&D activities of technology roadmaps

More information at ECHO: E-FCR

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst at Ryerson University Rogers Cyberse


Reinforcing Canada’s cybersecurity ecosystem

Toronto Metropolitan University in Ontario, Canada, selects RHEA as its partner of choice for the Rogers Catalyst Cyber Range – designed to help develop the Canadian cybersecurity ecosystem and fuel the country’s digital economy. Programmes include training, certification, education and support for Canadian scale-ups.


CITEF v2.0 is released

RHEA’s cyber-range now has multi-tenancy enabling cyber-range as a service capabilities.


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RHEA signs contract with ESA for Security Cyber Centre of Excellence (SCCoE)

CITEF is the primary platform used to build the SCCoE ‘synthetic environment’. This environment will be used to provide cybersecurity training for ESA space operators and personnel focused on operational procedures for the next 5 years.


CITEF v2.2 is released

RHEA’s cyber-range is now integrated with VMware vCenter Infrastructure as a Service.


Leading cyber-range innovation

RHEA co-chairs European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) cyber-range working group to lead cyber-range innovation in Europe.


CITEF v3.0 is released

New CITEF features include:

  • Automated events timeline, making it easier for educators and trainers to create complex attack scenarios for learning and training
  • VMware vCloud integration.