Helping you manage your complex, multi-faceted security environment

Owners, operators and management firms face multiple challenges, ranging from disorderly conduct and fare evasion to the threat of terrorist attacks. Canadian public transit agencies have impressive safety and security records, but maintaining complex, multi-faceted security measures is challenging and time-consuming.

Regardless of the mode of transportation, we can help you protect your systems and manage potentially high-risk security demands through effective approaches, placing a strong emphasis on readiness and vigilance. The results ensure the safety and security of employees, the public and the transit agency.

Transportation security

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Multi-pronged approach

Security solutions that integrate each element in complex transit systems with all others.

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Employee and passenger safety

Security by design to increase employees’ and passengers’ sense of security and safety.

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Provide a one-off security review or a fully managed security solution

Your trusted partner for a fresh perspective or complete service provision.

Our services

Risk evaluations

We can conduct a thorough, comprehensive risk evaluation of your current operations to determine if security or safety measures can be improved.

Our team will examine elements that may have been overlooked or undervalued during the planning and design stages and uncover vulnerabilities. If required, we can then plan and deliver solutions to address all current needs and future possibilities.

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Effective security solution design

Our transit security consultants will work with you to develop optimal security solutions that keep passengers safe at the same time as delivering a timely travel experience. These solutions take into account the need for continuous enhancement of security systems, facilities and vehicle designs.

Our solutions comply with all current safety and security requirements and best practices. Whether you require a fresh perspective or a fully-managed security solution, our extensive heritage in transit solutions makes us the ideal partner.

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