Security from day one

Whether you want to protect critical data or create safe spaces for employees, the best security must be highly effective yet unobtrusive. By offering thoughtful design solutions and extensive knowledge, our experts incorporate security into the design of any facility. Leveraging their deep understanding of the provenance of threats, whether social, personnel, cyber or physical, our experts offer tailored security solutions driven by our clients’ operational requirements, identified risks and human needs.

Our security experts work hand in hand with architects and designers to create security mitigation measures that deter crime and make users feel safe and secure. We advise on the integration of security for new builds or help with security design measures when facilities are being remodelled.

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Suitable for new builds or remodelling

Thoughtful integration of security during design or for remodelling projects.

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In-depth knowledge of the security solutions landscape

Our experience and knowledge let us recommend the most suitable solutions for each client’s needs.

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Specialist application of CPTED principles

Highly experienced in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design concepts.

Architectural security design

We work on major, high profile architectural projects across Canada. Our security experts work alongside architectural teams to ensure the most appropriate security mitigation measures are incorporated into the design from the start.

We design our security solutions to:

  • Protect people from criminal acts and safety hazards
  • Avoid costly changes in future
  • Take into account access requirements, building materials, circulation and other features specific to each build.
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Office exterior with lighting, path and bollards as an example of CPTED design practice

Environmental security design

Designing security into a built environment from the start can improve quality of life by deterring crime and reducing the fear of crime. The aim is to create spaces that are open, welcoming and discretely secure.

We specialize in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), integrating its principles into architectural security design from the ground up. This can include integration of access control, surveillance and territorial reinforcement during the design phase – this delivers better results and cost savings compared with retrofitting such security controls.

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Security system components

Our team of trained professionals works closely with our clients to customize the design of security systems using leading-edge technologies and systems including:

  • Closed circuit video equipment
  • Electronic access control
  • Intrusion and perimeter detection
  • Duress notification
  • Emergency communications
  • Vehicle protection barriers
  • Advanced security screening and threat detection.
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