What is a cyber-range?

A cyber-range lets you create an exact emulation of your environment – a digital twin – that allows you to safely train your employees and test new applications and compliance with required standards.

By training in an emulated environment that is safe and legal, you can prepare for and minimize the impacts of a cyber breach.

Why use a cyber-range?

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The nature, sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks continue to escalate, creating a challenge for leaders and boards of directors. When an attack or breach occurs, it is important to ensure your IT and security teams are ready to quickly respond and mitigate the impact.

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Testing and compliance

Across industries, organizations are accelerating digital business transformation for long-term growth and profitability. As the push for transformation continues, patching applications and integrating new systems becomes unavoidable.

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Academic degree programmes, boot camps and certification programmes provide the foundation for our next generation of IT and security professionals. The challenge for educators is finding innovative ways of providing relevant learning experiences to ensure students are 'job ready' when they graduate.

Trish Dyl, Director of Cyber Range and Partnerships, Ryerson University

We're dedicated to upskilling, reskilling and validating cybersecurity skills for all sectors, and we do this with RHEA, whose cyber-range platform is a critical tool in our kit, With the help of RHEA's flexible platform, we're bringing real-world learning to multiple learners from multiple organizations and backgrounds.

Trish Dyl, Director of Cyber Range and Partnerships, Toronto Metropolitan University

Applications and use cases

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Train your IT and security professionals in a safe, controlled environment

When a cyberattack or breach occurs, it is important to ensure your IT and security teams are ready to respond quickly and mitigate the impact. Hands-on training can help improve response times in high-pressure situations. Cyber-ranges provide a safe, legal environment to gain those hands-on cyber skills.

Avoid the global skills shortage. Train your ICT professionals in-house in a safe, controlled environment.

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Test your environment and applications, and check compliance

Are you accelerating digital transformation for long-term growth and profitability? Patching applications and integrating new systems is unavoidable, but directly deploying new technologies and patches in live environments without testing them first puts your organization at risk.

A cyber-range lets you test in an exact emulation of your live environment, mitigating such risks. Discover how our cyber-range can provide you with a safe, rapid and efficient testing tool.

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Help your students learn cybersecurity skills with realistic training environments

Our cyber-range provides adaptable and realistic training environments for your students – either build your own or use our library of customizable training scenarios. Generate evaluations and reports, and integrate with other systems to create a comprehensive cyber learning environment.

With RHEA’s cyber-range, you do not need to adapt your programme or curriculum to the platform – the platform will adapt to your programme. RHEA’s cyber-range is flexible and adaptable enough to meet the needs of your students and the market, helping you ensure students walk in the shoes of IT and security professionals, and are ‘job ready’ when they graduate.

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All this in a safe and secure environment, in an exact emulation of your own infrastructure

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Learn more about CITEF – Our proprietary emulation platform that powers our cyber-range solution.

Features and benefits

Train on what matters the most – your own infrastructure

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Flexibility to create a true emulation of your exact environment that replicates your infrastructure, including your own applications, protocols and configuration, using our asset library.

Asset and scenario library

RHEA Group cyber-range CITEF librariesQuickly customize your environment by using assets from our library of IT and OT assets, or upload elements that are unique to your own organization. Get access to pre-created basic, standard and advanced scenarios to evolve learning along with your students’ skill sets.

Scenario customization

RHEA Group cyber-range CITEF scenario full screenFlexibility to create your own scenarios or edit ours to better meet your needs. You may also run multiple scenarios at the same time.

Attack scenario automation (timeline)

RHEA Group cyber-range CITEF timelineAs your teams develop their skills sets, trainers can evolve training sessions to the next level with the timeline feature. Setting your attacks based on a timeline enables trainers to create more complicated and sophisticated attacks, pushing learning to the limit.

Development tracking

RHEA Group cyber-range CITEF questionnaire completedGenerate reports directly from the cyber-range to measure progress and integrate with a learning management system (optional).

Test for potential cybersecurity weaknesses

RHEA Group cyber-range CITEF timeline 2Automate MITRE ATT&CK attack techniques and build a set of test use cases for your environment accordingly, in a controlled way, to identify potential vulnerabilities before deployment and use.

Run multiple tests at the same time

RHEA Group cyber-range CITEF full screenBuild variations of the same environment (vendor, configuration, version etc.), test them in parallel and identify which environment is the most resilient.

Browser access

RHEA Group cyber-range CITEF login pageThe cyber-range can be easily accessed in class or remotely using a laptop or a desktop.

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